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Hi Alex
With great interest I read your article 'Know Thyself'. Very true.
In fact I just applied your NLP structure of finding a good objective to my own 'little' project of building up a winery.
Surprise, surprise, it seems all logical. I published my results on my own brand new blog (in German) under http://winzer.blog.de


When I see a statement like "I want to know who I am now", I always wonder wether it will result in the right question. Or whether it will end up in one of those questions for which the answer is 39.
I would argue that now, that now being a moment long past by the time anyone will read this comment, you are a complex entity that is faced with a chaos of possibilities. In the same way that now (a little after the first now) you are another complex entity faced with a chaos of possibilities that are most likely slightly different and yet the same (guess that is what chaos is all about).
Hence the choices will be determining who I am now, and now and now again.
To quote something someone I know once told me "it is not so much the goal that counts, but rather the road travelled to achieve the goal". I would even add to that that if during those travels the goal changes, it is of little importance, as long as one doesn't get lost along the way.
And so also I believe John Lenon said something like "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans". In other words life, which I believe (that being a personal opinion) to be rather determining in defining who I am WILL happen, no matter what I think of it.
So to close my argument I want to challenge the Oracle, and tell her "Where are you going today".


Mike, your last sentence sounds very much like the slogan of a large producer of software bugs that come wrapped in fancy software... Very surprising.

And by the way, your question is a lot about an objective and not too much about the path itself. Whenever you show up in Brussels or anyplace I will be, I will buy the beers and invite your for a discussion on this most interesting topic :-)


Unlinke the software producer, I am not proposing to lead the way or to even accompany anybody on their way, I am merely proposing a question, which I could have put as a statement for that manner: "Know thy way", which is probably less laden with notions of objectives.
The interesting philosophical question that remains of course is whether there is a path without an objective, or if in that case there is just a point in time with a chaos of possibilities.
As you well know I would be delighted to discuss this in further depth around a beer or any other manner of spirituous beverage.
Cheers, and as some pointy eared people say "Live long, and prosper!"

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