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chai anyone


My post today has nothing to do with your entry for the day. Although I did take a moment to read it I cannot comment on it as I am not well versed in the subjects of design and choose to keep comments to myself about things I am not sure about. However, I came here today to let you know that I was quite surprised to see all the comments you posted on my blog. I am grateful for all the thought and time you put into your comments. After all we bloggers write exactly for moments like these when others come to our sites and like what they see. I look forward to our future interactions.


I tend to agree here but giving the example of BMW now when talking about brilliant design is like putting Chernobyl and public health in the same sentence. Chris Bangle has ruined the 7 series, before doing the same to the 5, the 3 and creating the abomination called 1 series. I'm not even going to mention what happened to the wonderful Z3. The only thing that allows these to be sold right now is the sign on the hood.

Why is it that Mercedes and Audi never lose that touch of class whereas BMW loves to drown into the tasteless and ostentatious world of rappers and chavs? Audi's ad for the A6 was spot on: 6>5.

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